bar|gain1 [ˈba:gın US ˈba:r-] n
1.) something you buy cheaply or for less than its usual price
There are no bargains in the clothes shops at the moment.
It's an attractive little home, and I think it's a bargain .
That second-hand table was a real bargain .
Good knives don't come at bargain prices .
Thousands of bargain hunters (=people looking for things to buy at low prices) queued up for hours.
2.) an agreement, made between two people or groups to do something in return for something else
make/strike a bargain
Management and unions have struck a bargain over wage increases.
I've kept my side of the bargain and I expect you to keep yours.
drive a hard bargain athard1 (18)
3.) into the bargain also in the bargain AmE
in addition to everything else
I am now tired, cold, and hungry, with a headache into the bargain.
bargain 2
bargain2 v
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: bargaignier]
to discuss the conditions of a sale, agreement etc, for example to try and get a lower price
bargain for
workers bargaining for better pay
bargain over
They bargained over the level of wages.
bargain with
women bargaining with traders
>bargainer[i] n
He's the hardest bargainer in the business.
bargain for [bargain for sth] phr v
[usually in negatives]
to expect that something will happen and make it part of your plans
They hadn't bargained for such a dramatic change in the weather.
bargain on doing sth
I hadn't bargained on being stuck in traffic on the way home.
The thief got more than he bargained for , as Mr Cox tripped him up with his walking stick.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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